Sysorex Government Services helps customers meet their strategic missions by providing secure, optimized IT solutions that allow them to perform more efficiently and effectively.

Sysorex’s integration and engineering services are reliable, cost-effective solutions for companies seeking to acquire and develop new capabilities and optimize legacy systems. We collaborate with customers, partners and employees to provide the most effective solutions in network engineering services, application lifecycle services, and acquisition services.

Network Engineering Services


Discovery. Analysis. Mastery. With the explosion of applications and mobile technology, and the increased demands on networks, an efficient, reliable network and a keen understanding of application performance is critical for business continuity and operations.

Truly understanding your network and the applications that run on it requires monitoring—and analyzing—a wealth of data on application performance such as code, end user, load and response times, and computational resources, as well as network performance. But that data is only useful if it is turned into actionable information so that you can quickly take steps can be taken to detect and fix issues before they impact your business.

Sysorex has the in-house expertise and experience to design, configure, and implement a customized full service network solution that optimizes your application and network performance. Our professional services team offers end-to-end, enterprise-wide application visibility, optimization, real-time quality of service monitoring, and control in hybrid IT environments, including data centers, offices, and mobile users.

Application Acceleration and Optimization Our application performance monitoring and control solutions allow you to truly master your applications performance, both pre-production and post-development. Comprehensive performance analytics offer insight into end user experience, application, infrastructure, and network performance so that you can discover and diagnose problems as soon as they occur, and proactive monitoring offers on-demand analytics to expose issues before they result in downtime. Reliable, accurate diagnostics allow you hone in on the root cause of an issue and resolve it quickly.

Hybrid or cloud network environment? Sysorex’s application performance monitoring solutions are flexible and nimble enough for today’s complex network infrastructures, monitoring applications on or off the cloud.

Our team is also equipped to provide maintenance, technology refresh, warranty management, and on-site engineering deployment services.


Cyber security The explosion of technologies that alllow us to work more effectively, efficiently, and with improved collaboration are the very same technologies that result in data threats that are increasing in number and sophistication. Ongoing advances in mobile technology, collaborative software, virtualization, cloud computing and social media contribute to a growing list of security threats that at best, can result in costly mitigation and recovery expenses, and, at worse, can destroy an organization’s reputation, cripple or terminate operations, or lead to breaches in intellectual property and national security. Now more than ever, it is critical to plan and prepare for how to detect threats, protect data, and respond to cybersecurity challenges.

Constantly evolving threats plague our increasingly-networked world: viruses and malware, ransomware, open source vulnerabilities, insider threats, phishing. Attacks and vulnerabilities can occur at any level of your network, from the inside out, from the cloud to an individual smartphone.

Integrated, Comprehensive Security
Sysorex’s comprehensive approach to cybersecurity means focuses on your specific business operations, security needs, and potential risks. We seek to understand your business and your priorities so that we can craft a cybersecurity solution tailored to your business, one that mitigates your unique vulnerabilities and protects the data that is important to you—while making for an efficient work environment and satisfying user experience for your employees. We offer comprehensive solutions that address the needs of cloud and hybrid networks, mobile technology, servers and storage, and individual devices.

Our engineers are industry experts who know how to help you protect your data and intellectual property, meet regulatory compliance, and secure your network from internal and external threats. We offer a strong portfolio of products and a keen understanding of the market. Sysorex offers a robust combination of skilled, certified technical experts and strong past performance for customers that range from DoD, civilian, and commercial organizations.


Secure Wireless Solutions. When it comes to keeping their employees connected via wireless access, organizations depend on high-quality, reliable coverage—all within a secure environment that protects their data.

Designing a solution that meets the specific needs of your network requires thorough consideration of the variables that impact performance. How many users must we accommodate? How far of a reach must we have geographically? What speed can be achieved? Can the network handle the load at peak times? Is it secure? What is our long-term plan for migrating to faster speeds and expanding our reach?

At Sysorex, we customize a secure wireless solution that meets your needs for reliable, efficient operations today, and grows with your network. We possess a deep knowledge of the products we sell, and incomparable expertise in the engineering, installation, and support of the solutions we design.

Whether you need a close range solution or a long range solution, we partner with industry leaders in secure wireless access to design the solution that is right for you. Through an extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure WiFi and secure wireless broadband point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) platforms managed by cloud-based software, our solutions are ideal for both indoor and outdoor enterprise applications and allow you to reach your users—whether they are right next door or hundreds of miles away.

We offer high-performing secure wireless network connectivity, taking into account high usage areas and ensuring that throughput is not sacrificed in an effort to secure access and managing the network. Sysorex provides wireless security that includes network internal and external monitoring of all access points. Passively and actively monitoring for rogue clients or intrusion, our solutions easily integrate with existing architectures and offer fully integrated security layered over client access technology. Our engineering experts work with you to design a tailored solution drawn from products that use the licensed and unlicensed spectrum with capabilities designed to meet your unique business operations.


IP Video. Video has the ability to inform, inspire, and communicate. From corporate communications and enterprise-wide broadcasting, to project collaboration and long-distance training, IP video distribution is an effective and economical component of your communications and operations.

The impact of IP Video is far-reaching. Commercial enterprises rely on it to improve corporate communications. Healthcare organizations use IP video distribution to improve patient care and experience, and provide clinical collaboration. And our armed forces and intelligence community demand high-quality video for IRS missions, command and control operations, and improved situational awareness on the battlefield.

Sysorex has broad and deep experience in providing cost-effective IP video distribution solutions for universities, hospitals, airports, and large facilities and campuses. Whether you need to extend your reach to the room next door, a remote office, across the country or around the globe, Sysorex’s IP video solutions help you connect with the people you need to reach.

While a powerful tool, video is only as good as the quality of its images and streaming. Sysorex partners with the world’s leading IP video solution providers to offer high quality, low latency live or on-demand video distribution over the internet or via a private network.

Our solutions from Haivision and VBrick bring you unparalleled, innovative video distribution. Our engineers are subject matter experts with the assessment, engineering. and integration know-how and the experience to deliver video solutions that enhance and improve the operations and communications in your organization.

Anybody can provide IP video. Sysorex's strength lies in our expertise across the entire continuum of planning, procuring, installing, and supporting an IP video solution. We perform an on-site survey to understand your unique requirements and environmental constraints. We evaluate your specific requirements, including current infrastructure, encryption and security needs, network load demands, and future plans for expansion and upgrades in order to engineer a cost-effective, scalable solution that meets your needs now and sets a path for future growth.

Product & Application Solutions