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Expertise and Creative Solutions

Secure, Optimized IT Solutions

Since its inception, Sysorex Government Services (Sysorex) has helped customers meet their strategic missions by providing secure, optimized IT solutions that allow them to perform more efficiently and effectively.

Sysorex’s integration and engineering services are reliable, cost-effective solutions for companies seeking to acquire and develop new capabilities and optimize legacy systems. We collaborate with customers, partners and employees to provide the most effective solutions in network engineering services, application lifecycle services, and acquisition services.

Beyond Technology

Information technology is only as strong as the capabilities it provides. At Sysorex, our team of experts thinks beyond the technology and crafts a solution that meets the specific needs of our customers, offering the expertise and services to transform the technology into a true end-to-end solution.

Whether the need is network performance management, cyber security, integration and imaging, secure wireless, application lifecycle, and physical security solutions, Sysorex knows how to identify and implement technology to create solutions that support the missions of federal, state and local government agencies.

Department of Defense

As protectors of our nation’s security, the DOD carries out missions as varied as maintaining peacekeeping efforts, conducting military strikes, and carrying out humanitarian missions. Our DOD customers combat growing and changing terrorism threats and increasingly complex electronic warfare and cybercrime, and support the new demands of a technology-driven warfighter in the field—all while dealing with changing technology and fluctuating budgets.

Sysorex works with customers in the DOD to ensure they have the tools and infrastructure to carry out their missions. We recognize that importance of secure solutions that protect sensitive and classified information.

Civilian Agencies

Civilian agencies are faced with the task of delivering effective services to our country’s citizens, modernizing infrastructure, and improving our nation’s competitiveness—all while managing budget constraints and changing economic and technology climates.

Sysorex prides itself on its history of providing our federal civilian customers with the solutions that help them address the critical challenges they face. We work closely with our civilian customers to understand their mission and strategic objectives, and to create solutions that improve efficiency, empower employees, and align with strategic goals.

Intelligence Agencies

The intelligence community is larger and carries out more missions than ever, collaborating with organizations including local law enforcement, national security agencies, and foreign entities. As threats have evolved at home and abroad, the mission of the intelligence community has broadened and expanded. From data collection to supporting the technology-driven warfighter, the intelligence community relies on the latest advances in IT tools and infrastructure to gain the competitive edge in intelligence. Integrio is proud of its contributions to this critical market.

State Local & Education

Customers at the state and local government level face the challenge of improving the lives of the citizens they serve while simultaneously heeding budget constraints and operational expenses. Critical to their ability to improve the quality of the services they provide are IT solutions that help them work more efficiently and effectively.

Sysorex understands the budget constraints of the market and looks for creative ways to upgrade legacy systems and create secure, scalable IT solutions that help SLED customers improve efficiency within their budgets so that they are better able to meet the needs of their constituents.